Information for Parents and Carers

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Keeping safe and healthy:Our Nut-Free School

I would like to thank you all for your continued efforts to ensure that we remain nut-free at Franksbridge School. We really appreciate the adjustments that you have made to make sure that all our pupils are safe at school.

As a reminder, food items containing nuts or labelled as ‘may contain nuts’ should not be brought to school. On the other hand, items labelled with ‘produced in a factory that may have processed nuts’ (or words to that effect) can be included in children’s packed lunches. This is because the chance of allergen cross-contamination in a factory is very low so these products are very unlikely to be harmful for somebody with a nut allergy, especially if they are not the person eating the product in question.


At Franksbridge Primary School, Children are encouraged to wear school uniform. Most families choose the official school mechandise, featuring the school name and logo. Items featuring the school logo and name are available to order from Nic’s Prints. The clothes are good quality, comfortable to wear, and suitable for school activities.  Please email orders to

Supermarket alternatives without the school logo or name are also acceptable but we ask that the school colour scheme is followed as closely as possible.

Winter Uniform

Polo shirt (white or blue) or shirt (white)

Trousers, skirt or pinafore (black, navy or dark grey) NO DENIM PLEASE.

Sweatshirt, hoody or cardigan (royal blue)

School fleeces and reversible fleece/waterproof jackets featuring our logo and in the school colours of royal blue/white, are also available

Footwear: shoes or boots made from leather or an alternative material that offers a similar degree of protection and support. No high heels, trainers, crocs or flip-flops please.

Summer uniform

In warm weather, the uniform is adapted as follows so that the children remain cool and comfortable:

Blue and white gingham dresses

Shorts, skorts or skirts (black, navy or dark grey)

PE Kits

We do not specify the colours or designs of PE items but we do ask for all items to be clearly labelled. A full change of clothing and footwear is required for PE lessons. Long hair should be tied back for PE lessons. The following items should be in your child’s PE kitbag:


Shorts or skorts

Trainers or daps

Hoody or fleece

Tracksuit bottoms or leggings

Change of socks