Keeping safe and healthy:COVID 19

We know that children suffer with seasonal ailments, especially during the autumn and spring terms. We expect the children to catch coughs and colds over the coming months and in most cases, these will not prevent children from attending school. If, however, your child has suspected Covid 19 symptoms, it is important that they do not come to school until they have been tested and received the all-clear. The symptoms to look out for are:

  • A persistent cough
  • A high temperature or fever (hot to the touch on chest or back)
  • Loss or change of sense of smell and/or taste

Please use the link below for further clarification from paediatrician, Heather Payne:

What will happen if a child develops these symptoms whilst in school?

If your child develops COVID 19 symptoms in school, we will look after them in a separate     room at school until you can collect them and take them to be tested. We will not inform other families in our school community but we will immediately contact Test,Trace, Protect professionals, who will very quickly contact and advise the families in our school community if necessary.

What should you do if your child tests positive for Covid 19?

Please phone school or email ( us to let us know as soon as possible. It is likely that we will need to tell other families that school will be temporarily closed and home learning will resume. We will not tell families who has tested positive. Test, Trace and Protect staff will also contact all families who may have been affected.

Powys EPS Advice for parents for bereavement during Covid 19 – finalcymreag

Powys EPS Advice for parents for bereavement during Covid 19 – final