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Keeping safe and healthy:Our Nut-Free School

I would like to thank you all for your continued efforts to ensure that we remain nut-free at Franksbridge School. We really appreciate the adjustments that you have made to make sure that all our pupils are safe at school.

As a reminder, food items containing nuts or labelled as ‘may contain nuts’ should not be brought to school. On the other hand, items labelled with ‘produced in a factory that may have processed nuts’ (or words to that effect) can be included in children’s packed lunches. This is because the chance of allergen cross-contamination in a factory is very low so these products are very unlikely to be harmful for somebody with a nut allergy, especially if they are not the person eating the product in question.


wordcloud stakeholders 2017.

wordcloud stakeholders 2017

The wordcloud above shows the most prominent themes and values that were referred to in questionnaires completed by parents, governors, staff and pupils during the summer term 2017. Thank you for your contributions.