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Snow Closure

Franksbridge School will reopen on Monday 5th March. We look forward to welcoming all those who can safely reach us.


Franksbridge School will be closed on Thursday 1st March

Please take great care if you have to travel anywhere.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes


Resources: Spelling Lists

First 100 High Frequency words

Next 200 High Frequency Words

Level 2 Structured spelling list weeks 1

Level 3 Structured spelling list weeks 1

Spelling list level 3b

Spelling List 3c

Level 4 Structured spelling list weeks 1

Spelling list level 4b

Level 4 Structured spelling list weeks 19-25

Level 5 Structured spelling list weeks 1

level 5 13-18

level 5 19-25

Level 6 Structured spelling list weeks 1

level 6 13-18

level 6 19-29

Level 7 Structured spelling list weeks 1-6

Level 7 b

Level 7 c

School categorisation letter to parents Dec 2017

Spring Term 2018 Information for Parents:

Spring 2018 info for Class 1parents FP

Whole School Information Spring Term 2018

Spring info for KS2 parents.2018 doc

Recommended apps for learning Welsh 

apiau (1).pptx Welsh Apps 2017

Snow Closure

Franksbridge School will be closed on Wednesday 13th December.

Please take great care if you have to travel anywhere.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes


Online Safety Guidance

At Franksbridge C.P.  School we take the safety of our pupils very seriously including their safety while they access the internet. We want this approach to e-safety to spread to the home online environment too and we are therefore sharing with you some tips and resources to help you guide your children and help you keep up to date in a digital world.

It is important that as a family that you set rules and agree boundaries. Discuss with your child how their internet use will be monitored and the need for your child to earn trust and privacy online depending on their age/ability. Try to reach common ground with your child / children about when, what and for how long they can access the internet. Be especially aware of setting rules relating to your child’s use of webcams and any applications or devices which allow voice or video chat. Make sure they understand that they must never give away their passwords and be careful about what personal information (date of birth, address, phone number, school they attend etc.) is shared online.

Here are a few websites to help you keep your child / children safe on line:

  1. Think u know is always a good place to start.

The most popular articles that parents are currently accessing on this website include:

  • Using parental controls
  • Online contact and staying safe

This website is helpful to highlight what the issues around internet safety may be. Issues that your child may encounter on the internet will vary depending on their age and online activities. This website has grouped potential online risks into the following four categories:

  • Conduct: children may be at risk because of their own behaviour, for example, by sharing too much information.
  • Content: age-inappropriate or unreliable content can be available to children.
  • Contact: children can be contacted by bullies or people who groom or seek to abuse them.
  • Commercialism: young people can be unaware of hidden costs and advertising in apps, games and websites.

3. CEOP, the child protection command of the National Crime Agency, and Parent Zone, which provides guidance to parents, have collaborated to set up Parent Info, a service for schools that provides information about children’s wellbeing and resilience that is aimed at parents.

The most popular articles that parents are accessing on this website are:

  • Digital resilience: a parent’s guide
  • The 6 apps and services that every parent should know
  • The 5 digital parenting rules that REALLY matter
  • Parenting in the digital age online safety course for parents

Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG Grant)

Every school is required to inform parents of how their annual PDG grant will be spent over the year. We did not receive a PDG grant for 2017-2018 because there were no children in receipt of free school meals on the date that the funding decision was made.

wordcloud stakeholders 2017.

wordcloud stakeholders 2017

The wordcloud above shows the most prominent themes and values that were referred to in questionnaires completed by parents, governors, staff and pupils during the summer term 2017. Thank you for your contributions.

Please find below three documents containing useful information and advice on online safety:

  1.  A parent and carers guide to age ratings of apps and games EN
  2. Tip sheet for parents – Responsible Online Behaviour
  3. Powys Schools Social Media and E-safety Policy 2017


Please see below the adverts for a teaching assistant (10 hours per week) and midday supervisor (6.25 hours per week). It would be possible for one person to be appointed for both positions.

Advert TA

Advert MDS


appraising commercials

23/3/17 Homework for Class 2

Please open ‘appraising commercials’ to find details of this week’s homework. Please complete by Tuesday 28th March

Library event Feb Half Term 2017


Franksbridge Christmas Show 

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Please would children arrive at Hundred House Hall at 5.45pm, dressed in their costumes. The show starts at 6pm. A raffle will be held after the performance and there will also be beautiful, personalised Christmas cards on sale. We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you very much for providing such fantastic costumes – the children look wonderful.


Community Notice: Sunday School

Sunday School is held at Franksbridge Chapel on the 1st Sunday of the month (next will be 4th December) and during family services every 3rd Sunday ( next held on 18th December) at 10.15am. 

The Childrens Carol Service  takes place on 18th December at 2.30pm.

All are welcome.


Christmas Party Tea 2016

Our School Prospectus/Information for Parents has been updated and is available for you to view or download:

School Prospectus (Information for Parents)


Wednesday 30th November

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for making arrangements to collect the children this morning, following our burst pipe and flood. I am sorry for causing you inconvenience. The repairs and clean-up operation have now been completed so we will be open as usual tomorrow.

Many thanks,

Mrs Wilkie


Children are invited to wear Christmas jumpers or party clothes for tomorrow’s festive photographs (Thursday 1st December).


School Dinners    29/11/16

Dear Parents,

Our school oven is out of action at the moment. Mrs Groves will still be able to provide hot meals but she needs to change the menu in order to do so, as follows:

Wednesday: Salmon with potato smilies and spaghetti hoops or peas

Thursday: Chicken in gravy with potatoes and vegetables

I hope this does not cause you any problems.

Best wishes,

Mrs Wilkie

school brochure1

Franksbridge Community Primary School PDG Statement 

The Welsh Government require all schools to publish statements about their use of the Pupil Deprivation Grant:

The Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) is allocated to schools with pupils who come from low – income families and are currently known to be eligible for free school meals (e-FSM) and pupils who have been looked after continuously for more than six months (LAC). The purpose of this grant is to break the link between disadvantage and educational attainment. 

Schools are expected to make the best use of this funding to implement sustainable strategies that will quickly bring about changes for learners eligible for free school meals or who are LAC.

At Franksbridge School we have a comprehensive plan, agreed and monitored by Powys Local Authority and ERW, to promote progress and remove barriers to learning for students eligible for this funding.

This year Franksbridge School has received £2293 in PDG funding. We have allocated the funding to:

  • provide intervention and support programmes that are proven to have the greatest impact and to be sustainable –  e.g. Nessy, Precision teaching and ‘Inference for Intervention’
  • implement and use data tracking systems to identify learners’ needs, target interventions and monitor impact

Data analysis evidence shows that children eligible to receive eFSM make better than expected progress at Franksbridge School.